Friday, February 1, 2013

What's missing from the Farmhouse?

This painting is a copy I made of Fairfield Porter's 1969 painting Island Farmhouse. I painted it on a 11x14 linen canvas and am entering it in Fakes & Forgeries, an extremely popular show at the Spring Bull Gallery, where I am an artist member. I took some liberty with my copy, making it my own you see, do you remember? Here's a link for one of my favorite American artists: Fairfield Porter
This painting is available framed for $475. by emailing me at:


  1. Great copy Ann. I blinked when I saw it thinking it was his, and then read the name of the show.
    Fun and a great learning experience, I am sure.
    The dog and the boat are missing?

  2. Thanks Julie! You are right, I was curious if I could still have a strong composition without them. Brought in a patch of light on the grass where the dog was. This show runs direct perfect forgeries to outrageous out takes. Thanks for your comments! Much appreciated.

  3. What a fun show this must be. You certainly captured the look and essence of Porter's painting. I like the texture you've added though and find it more interesting than his.